Thursday, 13 November 2014

Pigeon Pox,Prevention and Safety Precaution

Pigeon Pox is a viral disease which attacks the skin and mucous membrane.
There are two clinical forms of pigeon pox, probably associated with different sources of infection. 
The most common method of transmission results from mosquito bites.  The resultant lesions will appear on featherless areas of the body, e.g on the eyelids, around the beak and occasionally elsewhere on the body.

The second form of pigeon pox is probably due to droplet (aerosol) infection and involves the mucous membranes of the mouth larynx,pharynx, and trachea.  This is a far more serious form of the disease.  Affected pigeons appear very sick, stop eating, have difficulty in breathing and generally lose a lot of weight.

Safety Precaution :

  1. Always use drinker for feeding water to pigeons in breeding section.

     2. Don't feed the birds directly or throw food on floor ,always use food feeder.
    3.You should clean the cage of breeders twice in a month.
    4. Use mosquito killer lamp at the night.

    5.Use insect killer powder in the pigeon breeding boxes.

   6.Use insect mesh and close all the holes and ventilations from which mosquitoes
    can entre the coop.To control pigeon pox, exposure to biting insects such as mosquitoes
    should be minimised or    prevented.

 Treatments to fight pigeon pox are to strengthen the immune system give vitamin supplements,    specially Vitamin A.

( Contact your local vet for your infected young birds treatment.and get some good vaccination
for better immune system of your breeding birds.)

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